Quadrelease Plate Carriers and Corrguard Vests

Quadrelease Plate Carriers and Corrguard Vests

To choose the right hard armor, it is important to first determine what you need from the hard plate carrier. A good hard plate carrier is lightweight yet still protects the user from injury. When selecting a carrier, make sure that it has the same type of hard plates on the front and back. This will ensure maximum comfort and safety for the wearer. Most hard plates are labeled with the strike face on the front. This side is the target for an initial bullet strike.

The vest comes with optional shirt tails for extra coverage. It has adjustable Velcro shoulder straps, antimicrobial fabric, and zippered insert pockets. The vest is made of an antimicrobial material, and features a 5×8 inch soft trauma insert. This type of vest is ideal for those who are involved in extreme activities. This vest is compatible with the UK Army’s VIRTUS soldier system. It is the best option for those who want to protect themselves.

The vests have five uniform buttons for easy access to ID cards, Traffic Accident Templates, and a pair of duty gloves. The five-button uniform plackets and hidden 2-way zipper pulls provide a crisp, professional look. In addition, built-in metal grommets provide attachment points for a radio microphone (more). The space mesh interior offers the most comfortable ventilation and is one of the most antimicrobial protection systems available.

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