What Are the Different Types of Hard Armor Protective Vests?

What Are the Different Types of Hard Armor Protective Vests?

While there are many different kinds of hard armor on the market, there are some things that all of them have in common. The first is their ability to protect you from rifle rounds of high caliber. This is especially important in combat situations where a sniper may have a gun. A second difference between hard armor and soft armor is their thickness. Thicker armor is more protective against heavy bullets, so it will be more difficult to penetrate it.

Hard armor is also made from metal or ceramic plates. These panels can protect from high-powered rifle rounds. Generally, these panels are used in pairs to protect vital body organs. The ballistic coverage of hard armor is significantly lower than that of soft armor. This is largely due to the weight of the armor inserts, which is more uncomfortable than being fully protected for long periods of time. Fortunately, some hard-armored combatants choose to wear soft armor, but some professions may find it uncomfortable or unsuitable.


Hard plate is the thickest part of a hard armor, and is meant to absorb the impact of a round. Thinner versions of this armor, which are most commonly used in Level IIa and II, are like a thick leather vest. However, they are still quite firm, and the hard plate will be placed inside of the carrier. So if you don’t wear a Level IIa or II, you’ll be fine.

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