Buying a Corrguard Vest and Quadrelease Plate Carrier

Buying a Corrguard Vest and Quadrelease Plate Carrier

While many security guards and police officers may think that Level 2 soft armor will do the job, the truth is that it’s not enough protection against common pistols and knives. When deciding on protective gear, it’s important to remember that there are many types of hard armor available. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, and some are better than others. Steel armor, for example, must be coated with an anti-spall coating, while ceramic armor does not.

The top of the hard armor should touch the sternal notch, the hard junction between collar bones. The bottom of the plate should be below the rib cage or lungs, but you can buy rectangular plates that protect your back. Different styles of armor have different thicknesses, and different types are better for different weather conditions. Some plates are thinner than others, while others are thicker. While they’re not as comfortable as soft armor, they’re better for colder climates.

Some armor is more effective than others, but the most important consideration for a body armor is its price. The higher the price, the heavier it is. The cheaper the armor, the less likely it is to protect you from a shooter. A vest is also lighter than many people think it is. In addition, curved plates are more visible than traditional armor. Most people prefer a curved plate, but if you’re not wearing any, a softer one will be fine.

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